Shop Upgrade!

I received my new 2×72 Belt Grinder from Grizzly on Tuesday and was finally able to set it up yesterday. I am beyond pleased with it! Easy to set up right out of the box and started grinding immediately. Did the bevels on 2 sets of 14″ Throwing Bowie Knives to get a feel for the machine and was able to have all 6 as well as a chef knife beveled in only a few hours. This thing absolutely shreds the steel away, its great. Should cut my production times down by a lot and enhance the quality of my grinds. Also, thanks to my Dad for acquiring me a length of 1/2″ thick steel I-Beam that my friend Vinny was able to cut down for me into 3 sections. These will be used as temporary anvils, 1 is going out to a fellow knife maker while the remaining 2 reinforced ones will be put to use out back by my forge. These should enable me to do some “rough forged” finishes and eventually lead to full forging of a knife. Thanks for stopping by! Stay Grinding!


-Zac of Blades


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