Update 3/23/17

As per usual I’ve been extremely busy trying to juggle everything all at once but the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter! I’ve updated my logo with the new design made by my friend Ryan Gardell and got the ball rolling on getting some shirts and stickers printed.

This past Sunday I hosted my first knife making workshop for a few friends who wanted to learn about the process and make their own knife. The day was a huge success and went very smoothly with all 3 participants managing to select a knife design, cut out/grind the profile from bar stock,grind down the bevels, and heat treat/temper their knives before shaping and attaching handles. This went so well and I’ve received so many additional requests that I am looking into hosting more of these workshops possibly once per month.

Besides all that I’m still working on finishing up a few custom orders and starting my next big run of knives that will lead to the launch of my online store.

Thanks for stopping by!

Stay sharp!

-Zac of Blades

2 thoughts on “Update 3/23/17

    1. Hey good morning Justine & Melissa!

      It’s going great, I’m just making my way to the shop now for Day 3. I built my workbench and moved my tools/equipment in and got it all set up on Sunday/Monday. Did some grinding and knifework yesterday. Got a lot more to go but it’s a lot of fun and I look forward to it! I post mostly on my Instagram, but I’ll try and do an update on here with pics soon.

      Have a good one!


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