AmeriBrade Cleaver Build Off!

AmeriBrade periodically hosts Challenges on their Instagram (@ameribrade) where they randomly select a few makers to compete in a build off of a blade profile chosen by them. I’m hyped to announce that I was selected for Challenge #4: Cleaver Build Off!



Myself and three other randomly selected makers on IG will be competing to make the most bad ass, backyard bbq ready cleaver our minds can come up with. The blanks are in the mail and mine should be arriving Monday 7/9 so I look forward to diving right in! The builds need to be finished by 7/19 with voting taking place on IG on the 20th. If you aren’t following me already you should head over to my IG @CamachoKnives and hit that Follow button to keep up with my build!


We’ll be competing for an awesome prize package from Combat Abrasives packed full of great knifemaking supplies and grinding belts. The blade steel is 1095 High Carbon at .125′ thick which is what I usually use for my knives so I’m really looking forward to this build. I’m definitely going to be pulling a crazy hamon out of this bad boy. Follow me on IG to see how the final product turns out!


Stay Sharp!


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