State of the Shop May 2020

I hope you all have been staying safe and healthy! Thank you for the amazing support over these past few months! Here is an update as to what’s been going on at the Camacho Knives shop over this time.



Fortunately, working alone has it’s perks. I’ve been able to continue working at my shop during these trying times, but have cut my hours a bit to be home with my family and help out around the house more. This, combined with some delays in acquiring materials and supplies has set me a bit behind, but I’m working very hard to catch up. I was hoping to be able to make it to Blade East & West this year but due to the virus I am currently tentative about attending depending on how things play out over the next few months. I am limiting my post office trips to once per week, typicall Tues or Weds.



CuMai Chef Knife

Shop Break-In

A few weeks ago we unfortunately had a burglary take place in the shop. Someone had managed to jimmy our front door open and took every power and hand tool they could. Most of my important tools are either too big to carry or are bolted down so nothing too essential was taken. Thanks to the massive generosity and support of the knife community, I was able to raffle off a one-off CuMai chef knife which more than covered the costs of replacing my tools. We have since beefed up or locks, security, and installed a CCTV camera system in the shop to deter future burglaries. Business has since resumed as normal.


My Old Forge

New Forge & Anvil!

I’m working on taking the next step in my journey as a knife maker. Currently, the vast majority of my knives are made through the stock removal method but that is going to slowly change as we finish out this year. I’ve purchased a new 3-burner propane forge and 75lb knife maker’s anvil to begin the next chapter of my bladesmithing education.

Screenshot_2020-05-09-18-05-13  Screenshot_2020-05-11-22-26-41











Lots of exciting things to come from Camacho Knives & Leather these next few months and I can’t wait to share them all with you! As always, I appreciate all of the support for what I do and couldn’t do it without you. Thank you!



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