My name is Zac Camacho and I’m a self taught knife maker based out of Manchester, NH specializing in high end culinary knives. All of my knives are hand made 100% of the way currently through stock removal method, but I will be adding a forge and anvil to my repertoir in 2020 . Each knife is unique and made with the best materials I can find. I began my journey into knifemaking in my driveway in April of 2016 and quickly developed a passion and skill for it. I was working full-time in a warehouse, but saw so much potential in knifemaking and myself that I picked up a part-time job craft bartending at Codex B.A.R. with the hopes of quitting my day job in order to spend more time making knives. One year later, with the help of my business partner, I opened Camacho Knives & Leather LLC right across the street from Codex in Nashua, NH. This past April marked my 3 year anniversary in knifemaking and the start of my full-time work as a knifemaker. My new shop is located at 45 Manchester St. in downtown Manchester, NH with a retail area and showroom that will be opening this spring.


“Keep your blade sharp and your mind sharper.”