My name is Zac Camacho and I’m a self taught knife maker based out of Manchester, NH. All of my knives are hand made 100% of the way through stock removal method. Each knife is unique and made with the best materials I can find. I started my journey into knifemaking in April of 2016 and quickly developed a passion and skill for it. I was working full-time in a warehouse but saw so much in knifemaking that I picked up a part-time job craft bartending at Codex B.A.R. with the hopes of quitting my day job in order to make knives. One year, with the help of my business partner, I opened Camacho Knives & Leather LLC right across the street from Codex in Nashua, NH. This April marked my 3 year anniversary in knifemaking and the start of my full-time work as a knifemaker. I’m moving into my new location in downtown Manchester May 2019 and hope to open doors again to the public this summer!


“Keep your blade sharp and your mind sharper.”