Most of my knives are made from high carbon or tool steels. As such, they will be prone to forming a patina and, if not properly cared for, rusting. Depending on the selected finish, the knife can be more or less prone to either.

If you are a local customer, you may simply drop your Camacho Knives knife or knives off at the shop. I will sharpen and tune them up free of charge. Non local customers may receive complimentary sharpening and tune up by shipping them to the shop (just pay shipping both ways).

The patina will provide some rust protection. Most rust can be removed by scrubbing the knife with very fine steel wool (be very careful of the edge while doing so! I recommend covering it with painters tape to protect yourself).

If your knife is etched (particularly differentially hardened knives with a hamon) you can restore the beauty of that hamon, remove some patina and rust with Flitz Metal Polish by polishing it with a felt pad or a make-up sponge (again be very careful of the edge).